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bespoke travel photography lessons



You Plan Your Trips

Plan your individual, group of friends, and family trips as usual. I am not a travel agent, but I am happy to share my advice with you on places I have seen and photographed.  If you'd like to do more and learn more about travel photography while on your trip, contact me...

See If I Am Available to Join You

I specialize in custom training for individuals, friends, and families on a completely confidential basis before, during, and after your travels. I have traveled the world with people from all backgrounds and  helped them create lasting memories. Let's see if our calendars align.

I Will Help You Plan Your Photo Goals

Friends and families have different goals when it comes to photography - some would love to learn enough to "go pro" and sell their images, others just want to make great photos for friends and family. I can work with different members of your group while on your trip to help them achieve their goals. I have helped three students go professional in the last 3 years. I am working with a teen to make her dream come true. I can help make your next trip better than you imagine.

I Will Help You Plan Your Gear

Going on safari? Two of my students just did this with their families and I helped them select the right gear for the trip. Want to photograph the Northern Lights in Iceland? You'll need some special equipment and planning. Let me help you take what you need and leave the rest behind. Whatever the environment or destination we can pick the right kit for the trip together.

Let's GO!

I will join you on your trip. Whatever time you'd like me to teach you during the days or nights, I will be ready to help. It's my job to be there when you need me and invisible when you don't. I know your privacy is important. I will need to stay close to help you, but in the most basic, safe accommodations available.

We Will Edit Your Photos and Print Books

When we get back, I will work with you online via video calls to help you learn how to edit your photos and compose a photo book to print, and whatever other photos you need for sharing on social media or elsewhere. 

What does it cost for photography lessons while I travel?

When I accompany you and your friends or family on your travels, I am there exclusively for you. All of my photography lessons for you are custom and completely private. 

I charge a simple per-diem rate of US$2500 for the pre-trip, trip, and post-trip work we do together. I don't charge more per group member. I pro-rate the pre-and post-trip work accordingly.

I expect you to cover coach-class travel expenses for me (flight, hotel, meals) while I join you.

The cost of the prints and/or books you desire is an additional fee.

White Sands, New Mexico
White Sands, New Mexico