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Testimonials of former clients on photography training

Some comments from current and former clients...


Superb teacher. Extremely patient, explains things extremely clearly, and gives great advice and guidance.


Super helpful. Very much worth the time and money. Looking forward to future lessons.


Brad is an excellent instructor. He's very knowledgeable, clear, thorough and a pleasure to work with.

Paul C

Brad is an extraordinary instructor he has immense patience and remarkable depth of experience. He has taken impossible projects and taught me how to turn them into gold. He has also expanded my understanding of the incredible options to take good shots into outstanding shots with simple tools and techniques in post processing that I never realized were available. Great experience that I plan to continue.


Brad is just a great instructor who is very effective at using technology to make the experience extremely easy and very productive. I wasn't sure how photography and light room lessons were going to work in the environment but it has been a great experience with just my first couple of lessons. I wanted to learn how to make subtle adjustments to some of my favorite photos to bring out the detail and highlights that made the shot a favorite. Brad quickly walked me through seemingly complex edits which were very easy to learn and made my pictures really pop. I love landscapes and animals and have fallen in love with past shots that I did not realize could be such improved pictures with just a little help from Lightroom. Well worth the investment and I have received countless complements already on my new work.  

Thanks Brad for taking me to the next level of enjoyment and satisfaction with a personal passion of mine.


I've always wanted to improve my Photoshop/Lightroom skills. As a matter of fact I've talked about it for over six months but just never seem to have the time. Enter, Bradley. After just one lesson my knowledge has improved and I am already using the skills learned through his instruction to make my photographs better. Bradley is thorough, patient and extremely knowledgeable. The classes flow easily and you can see how much he enjoys teaching.   

Originally I was looking for an in-person class but taking the class online in many ways is easier. We are able to easily share each other's screen and there are no pesky interruptions from other classmates. Additionally, I am free to ask and receive an answer to any of my perceived silly questions.   

I wholeheartedly endorse Bradley and recommend him as a first-class instructor.


Brad was an amazing instructor for myself and 10 and 11 year old daughters. His communication skills are impeccible and his approach spot on. After only one lesson, I have learned more about my camera and photography than in my whole life! We are so excited to continue our lessons with Brad!


Bradley is so patient and helpful. I'm learning so much and looking forward to learning so much more from him.


After two one-hour lessons with Brad (a creative birthday gift from my wife), I already feel very comfortable with Adobe Lightroom (my original goal) and much more aware of how I'm composing my photographs to boot (a big bonus!). Brad has been highly sensitive to my needs/interests. I've just been tremendously impressed with how acurately he's been able to read my "rate of information absorption" via the real-time/on-line remote interface. This completely eradicates any hestitation about this method of instruction. I look forward to more lessons once I've done some experimentation. Thanks Brad for such a terrific experience!


Working with Brad was exactly what my photography business needed. The problem with starting your own business is you want to ask questions but you just don't know what to ask because it is all new. He can answer the questions you have AND the ones you haven't thought of yet. I would recommend Brad to anyone starting a photo business and also to anyone with an existing business that wants to take it to the next level.


I've had 8 lessons so far and am loving every hour. Even when I feel inept, Brad helps me feel accomplished. I was intimidated by my camera, didn't know/couldn't use Adobe Lightroom and felt it was all too complicated. But I am boldly going where I never thought I would and am eager to keep learning. Brad is patient and wildly knowledgeable. He can get deep into the science of light and color, or just keep the lesson incredibly practical.  I just signed up for 12 more lessons, so I guess I have put my money where my mouth is!!!


Brad was easy to listen to. He was patient and very thorough. I am looking forward to more lessons from him once I've mastered what he taught me today.


From the very first lesson I was so excited to learn from Brad. It boggles the mind how much there is to learn but he takes it slow and it is well understood ! Two thumbs up Amazing teacher.


Brad's lessons are the epitome of comprehensive. Whether I had questions about my photography business, about postproduction of my photos, or just the meat and potatoes of the mechanics of my camera, Brad had a comprehensive and thorough answer. Besides answers, he is a great guy to spend a couple of hours with. The time flew by and I wanted more. Brad = open eyes and mind when it comes to the art and the business of photography. I would recommend him to anyone, anytime, for anything as it is beyond my financial and physical ability to shout his praises from the highest mountain. :)


A quick note...

The work I do for my clients during their travels is confidential,

so I don't publish photos depicting my clients anywhere.

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