Concierge Photographics

bespoke travel photography lessons


Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

Private, custom photography lessons for you and your family or friends while you travel anywhere

"Brad is a perfect travel companion and a wealth of photography knowledge. The books we have produced from my trips have been treasured keepsakes for my daughters, who, with Brad's help, are now making photo memories of their own travels." - Gordon G.


My Background


I am a fourth-generation professional photographer who's traveled the world and taught inspired photography students from ages 8-88. I am an "ask the expert" member of the advisory board of The International Leica Society. I was recently the mission photographer for the launch of The Ocean Cleanup's first system, ridding the world's oceans of plastic. I was the mission photographer for Paul Allen's Spaceship One, the first private astronaut in space. I was a pro sports photographer for 3 years. I have also built several successful tech companies.


Learn While You Travel


When you travel you love having great photos to bring home. Here's a chance for you and your family or friends to learn to take them yourself while you're on your trip. I will accompany you and teach you the skills. I can also help you plan the right gear to take, whether you're going on safari, or exploring Iceland, or laying in the sun - wherever you're headed. Let's make your next vacation photography truly memorable.

Sharing Memories


When you get home, we will put together photo books and archival prints from your trip to share with family and friends. I'll work with you and teach you how, so you can use these skills on your next trip.